Walking for a better world!

How can I help?

Cell 'Intern':

Would you like to lend a hand to Dodentocht?  Then you can help out at the pick-up days when the participants come fetch their badges.  Would you rather be in the buzzing Dodentocht tent during the main weekend ?  Then maybe registering walkers or handing out badges to the people who pre-registered is something more up your sleeve.  On Saturday you can help out at the final scanning station at the finish line, and hand out diplomas and medals.  If this interests you, please contact: intern@dodentocht.be.


Cell 'Service':

Would you like to be at a checkpoint along the route, providing walkers with food and beverages ?  Or would you like to drive a broom minivan to return walkers that had to quit safely back to Bornem ?  Please contact: service@dodentocht.be.


Cell 'IT':

Are you knowledgeable of networks and servers, do you have programming skills or are you experienced/interested in the world of IT in general ? Then you are very welcome in this cell. Contact: it@dodentocht.be.

Cell 'Home':

Do you like to get your hands dirty ?  At this cell, they are always looking for strong men and women.  In the town center, a lot has to be arranged: setting up a big tent, barriers, carrying the Dodentocht coffin, placing flags, installing directions along the big entry roads, ...  If you can free yourself for the week leading up to Dodentocht, you are certainly welcome at cell Home.  They are looking for volunteers during the weekend, but also, importantly, the days before and after the event.  Please contact: home@dodentocht.be.


Cell 'Field':

Interested in setting up the track ?  Cell Field can use your help !  Please contact: field@dodentocht.be.


Cell 'Extern':

Are you good at promoting ?  Are you commercially skilled ?  Then you can be an asset in this cell.  Also if you are interested in photography, or have very good communication skills and can talk to people of the press, you can find your place here.  Contact: extern@dodentocht.be.